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We provide a modern and dynamic route to market for ambitious agencies looking to build profile and credibility with progressive marketers. Get in front of our growing brand audience to showcase your agency’s latest work, insights and culture.


Our flexible agency membership packages include

Insight & Intelligence

Our privileged position between agencies and brands means we can advise you how best to cut through the noise in a hypercompetitive agency landscape.

We will help you build a strong agency brand that resonates in the market today.

Marketing & PR

Extend your marketing reach and influence with your agency profile section. Amplify breaking work, deep-dive case studies, inspiring thought-leadership and your own events.

Get involved with BITE, our editorial team, and our industry-renowned events.


Through your vibrant agency profile, our extensive outreach programme and BITE, you’ll get in front senior marketers who are curious to the ever-changing agency landscape.

Our proven track record with brands has generated over £100m in agency fees in the last 5 years.

“As Creativebrief members this year we’re delighted to have won some new business, both directly via a refreshing and modern approach to the pitch which focused on a collaborative workshop co-authoring the brief, and indirectly via the platform. The team at Creativebrief is a great support to our agency, advocating on our behalf with modern pitch processes and helping to raise our profile in the market through the platform and continues to be a beneficial, long-term growth partner for Quiet Storm.”
Rania Robinson
CEO & Partner, Quiet Storm
“We’re so pleased to have been appointed National Express’ new creative agency. The pitch process run by the team at Creativebrief was really progressive, focusing on strategic thinking and chemistry which allowed us to show the brand team what a partnership with us might look like. The Creativebrief team were extremely helpful throughout the process and were on hand at every stage to support. Our long-standing membership with Creativebrief really helps us to raise our profile in the industry not just through pitches but via their marketing platform.”
Vickie Ridley
Managing Director, Lucky Generals
“We have had a long-standing partnership with Creativebrief, since working together the team have invested time in really getting to know us as an agency to understand how they can help us in achieving our growth ambitions. The platform and BITE are a valuable marketing channel for us, allowing us to showcase our work and capabilities.
We won Sky Bet last year, the team ran a progressive pitch process and we look forward to working on more pitches like that in the future.”
Katherine Goodale
New Business Director, Grey London
“We have recently started working with Creativebrief and have been very impressed. They quickly understood Exposure’s ethos of making brands culturally relevant and have provided new business opportunities that align with this as well as offering the right marketing opportunities on the CB platform. They are very supportive partner - responsive and encouraging.”
Ben Wardle
Managing Director, Exposure
“Working on a Creativebrief managed pitch is a great experience, from an agency point of view.  Everything is very clear, everyone is on the same page, and the foundations are all in place to produce our best work.  It’s how pitches should run.”
Jamie Williams
Managing Partner, Isobel

Our brand audience


of the top UK advertisers

£4 billion

combined marketing budget


“Creativebrief add real end-to-end value throughout any search process; from refining a brief, to ensuring that agencies are the right fit and have the appropriate capability – through to offering impartial advice and challenge along the way. Outside of agency selection, they are a great source of on-going market intelligence”

“Working with Creativebrief not only gave us real confidence that we had looked at the landscape thoroughly, but also helped us to design a process that gave a true feel for the culture and working styles of the agencies we met along the way”

Agency membership packages


£6,500 +VAT

per year

  • 3 case studies
  • 3 new work articles
  • Unlimited insight articles
  • Unlimited event articles
  • 2 agency disciplines


£8,500 +VAT

per year

  • 12 case studies
  • 12 new work articles
  • Unlimited insight articles
  • Unlimited event articles
  • 4 agency disciplines

*Entry package available for agencies incorporated 3 years and under

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