Download our latest report - The lasting impact of 2020


Welcome to our latest survey on the lasting impact of 2020

“In many cases, Covid has simply been an accelerator of change that was already upon us.” Charlie Carpenter, CEO

The impact of 2020 is far-reaching. It’ll forever be synonymous with a hugely difficult time for many, but equally we hope, one of positive change. A year when the world underwent such turmoil was never really going to go back to ‘normal’. And in some cases, that’s cause for optimism.

When times are tough, we inevitably look for a silver lining, which has led to this report. We surveyed over 100 senior brand marketers and over 100 agency leaders and asked them for their take on tech and the pitch process, brand focus, changing geography, and much more.

The results are eye-catching to say the least, and so we asked our senior leadership team to offer their opinion on the learnings we can take from a monumental year.