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Daily, digestible content for progressive brands who want to drive creativity, emulate the success of others and make their own mark. 

One subscription, unlimited content. 

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You're in good company 

Our platform helps some of the UK’s leading brands set themselves up for success


Membership benefits


Unlimited Content

Access to 10,000+ agency case studies, editorial, trend reports, interviews and thought leadership articles.

Pinboards overview


Pin and save any site content and create numerous Pinboards to share, explore and collaborate with your team. 

Alerts selection


With a fully searchable platform, choose exactly which content is relevant and set up personalised alerts, saving valuable time.

projects tool route selection

Projects Tool

Use a time-saving “drag and drop” tool to engage, brief and manage the agency selection process in a highly agile way.  

Research shows that curiosity and creativity drives better commercial outcomes


Businesses that are curious to the ever-changing landscape and seamlessly connect their teams to the industry’s most exciting creativity are those that consistently generate the best creative output.

92% of people in a Harvard Business Review survey credited curiosity as a catalyst for high performance, job satisfaction, motivation and innovation, yet only 24% of employees feel curious in their job on a regular basis.

Why Creativebrief

Having researched the market extensively, brands were telling us they don’t spend enough time looking outward, don’t have the time to keep pace with change and have teams that share information but not insight, therefore they lack a sharp creative edge.

Creativebrief helps progressive brands keep up to date and connect with the best agencies and creative talent in the market. Doing it all without the need for multiple subscription payments or hundreds of hours searching for inaccessible or irrelevant content. 

The marketing intelligence platform does it all via one subscription, and all in one place. And in a format that is easy to access, digest and share. 




Helping ambitious brands 

The platform develops your team at all levels 


Driving individual performance

With finger-on-the-pulse content that’s all in one place, allowing curious minds to develop.


Fostering a culture of curiosity and creativity

By learning from others and pushing the boundaries of marketing excellence and better creativity.


Creating commercial advantage

Via a single platform solution that drives curiosity, builds stronger connections and enables quicker decision-making, all at a low-cost per user.

Annual membership packages

10 users

£6,000 ex VAT

  • Unlimited content
  • Use of Pinboards
  • Personalised alerts
  • Up to 10 users

30 users

£8,000 ex VAT

  • Unlimited content
  • Use of Pinboards
  • Personalised alerts
  • Up to 30 users

200 users

£12,000 ex VAT

  • Unlimited content
  • Use of Pinboards
  • Personalised alerts
  • Up to 200 users

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